Why is it worth studying at WSH?

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. is the only institution of higher education that has its seat  in Piotrków Tryb. It means that its graduates get diplomas awarded solely by Piotrkow Higher School of Business, not by its branch or out-of-town faculty.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. offers attractive fields of study. Each field of study has a wide range of specializations which are chosen by the students in accordance with their interests and future plans. In order to ensure the proper realization of the didactic process the school employs highly-qualified and experienced academics.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. pays particular attention that education is not devoid of practical application. Students must have the possibility of proving their knowledge under real conditions, verifying them in real professional situations and also presenting them to possible future employers. As a result, students have to do a professional internship during the course of their studies.The  internships are available in more than 200 institutions in Poland and abroad and provide the students with the opportunity of practical application of the knowledge they acquired during their studies. The Careers Information and International Cooperation Bureau in our school alsotakes care of the students and graduates. It helps to improve their future job prospects by offering attractive jobs and organizing training courses and consultations with vocational counsellors.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. offers attractive courses prepared by specialists and experts in different fields. Taking into account the development of our students` skills, we provide them with an opportunity to learn 6 foreign languages at different levels of proficiency.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. has two very well-equipped buildings in the centre of Piotrkow Tryb.. In the buildings located in Sienkiewicza Street there are  lecture halls and classrooms equipped with modern audio-visual and multimedia devices, computer labs and a computerized library with a reading room.

WSH offers an elaborate system of financial assistance for its students ( the intramural and extramural students are equally treated in this respect). The students of WSH receive scholarships, maintenance grants, food grants, accomodation grants, special grants for the disabled students and aid packages. One in four students of WSH gets financial support

Being a student also means taking part in student life. The Student Government  at WSH  cooperates in organizing charity actions and meetings with interesting people. The meetings are known as Piotrkow Open Lectures . Moreover, the Student Government sees to the organization of student pastimes such as: "fuksówka" ( a party for the  1st year students),  "Juwenalia" (an annual students` holiday) and sports tournaments. Our students can develop their physical fitness at the Student Sports Club and broaden their minds in different scientific circles.

WSH creates a uniquely friendly academic atmosphere!

ul. Słoneczna 1
97-300 Piotrków
Tel./fax (+48) 645 21 00
            (+48) 645 21 01

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