What languages do we teach?

WSH in Piotrków Tryb. offers its students a possibility of learning foreign languages.

    - English,
    - French,
    - German,
    - Spanish,
    - Russian,
    - Italian,
    - Hungarian.

Intramural students learn English as their primary language and can choose another language from the languages offered by WSH, as their complementary language. The syllabus of the  language teaching is constructed in such a way as to prepare students to be able to take an international language exam in at least one language. Extramural students can choose one foreign language.

The syllabus prepared by specialists and a high number of foreign language classes allow the students to learn the languages well, even if they are beginners. The experienced language teachers enable each student to achieve very good results, paying special attention to the ability of communication and the knowledge of specialist vocabulary.

The languages  at WSH are offered at the following levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. There are also special  extra courses for those  students who are interested in receiving a certificate in another language.

ul. Słoneczna 1
97-300 Piotrków
Tel./fax (+48) 645 21 00
            (+48) 645 21 01

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