The collection of the library of WSH consists of  scientific, scientific for the general public and teaching materials  in the form of books, magazines and other prints as well as materials recorded on magnetic  and digital disks. The library aims at satisfying the needs of the students and other people using it. The library serves the realization of research and the curricula which are binding at WSH and, in particular, to educate students and develop academic teachers` skills.

For the realization of its tasks and functions the library has to provide its users with good conditions. In order to do achieve it, the library has a number of strategic objectives:

• constant development and revision of the collection and perfecting the forms of its availability.
• work organization based on computerized access to information and the collection.
• comfortable arrangement of computer points allowing for quick access to information and the collection
Systematic  computer monitoring of the needs of library users makes it easier to decide on making a further purchase of books.

The library is in contact with publishers of  books, course books, professional journals and computer programs, and has also joined a programme of exchanging books between different libraries.

The library uses the SOWA program which helps a lot in effective functioning. The collection of the library is made available to the students through the local network.

In the reading room there are computer stands available to the readers during the opening hours. Each computer is equipped with a catalogue of the collection of the library and connected to the Internet.

In the reading room you can have access to the whole collection of the library of WSH.



The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business
in Piotrkow
tel. +48 44 645 21 00, Ext.No. 25


ul. Słoneczna 1
97-300 Piotrków
Tel./fax (+48) 645 21 00
            (+48) 645 21 01

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