General Description, Registration

General description

Postgraduate studies at WSH last 2 semesters, which offer from 140 to 270 hours of classes depending on the chosen option.

WSH stresses the importance of combining theoretical knowledge, which students acquire during their classes, with practical knowledge. To guarantee that, WSH employs excellent lecturers who are at the same time experienced practitioners in the fields they teach about.

The syllabus of the postgraduate studies at WSH is a professional conception based on original curricula adapted to the job market. The knowledge covered in the curricula together with the knowledge of specialist computer programmes is a solid basis for achieving a success. Postgraduate studies cover: lectures, classes, seminars, computer classes, decision and simulation  games.

During their studies, students also learn how to operate computers, including working with specialist computer software used in management, accountancy, banking and administration. All students have an access to free Internet. Graduates receive a certificate of completing postgraduate studies.

Postgraduate studies are started  if  an adequate number of students register (the exact number of students needed to start postgraduate studies is specified by the Rector in his directive)

Who are the postgraduate studies at WSH addressed to?

Postgraduate studies are addressed to university graduates who are interested in the continuation of their education as well as to professional people who want to improve their qualifications and acquire new skills.

Postgraduate studies are extra-mural studies. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Tel./fax (+48) 645 21 00
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