Field of Study: International Relations

The accession of Poland to the European Union and the development of international cooperation on a local level requires a good professional background in international relations. The modern curriculum of study gives our graduates the knowledge and skills needed to perform diffrent functions in social-political, economic and cultural life in the light of developing integration on a global and regional scale.

The graduates have knowledge of economic, social, legal and political sciences which allows them to understand the mechanisms of functioning of international relations and global economy. The graduates are able to analyse  domestic problems in an international perspective. The graduates are able to communicate, negotiate and persuade. The graduates can speak one foreign language at B2 level according to the Common European Framework and use a specialist language in international issues

The graduates are prepared to work in the following positions:

- analysts and  mid-level specialists in public and self-government administration
-specialists in international institutions and organizations or in domestic organizations cooperating with foreign organizations
- specialists in companies operating on international markets

The graduates (due to interdisciplinary education) are prepared to work in institutions which are not directly connected with the field of international relations. The graduates are prepared to start courses leading to receiving an MA degree.

During their studies International Relations students gain knowledge in the following areas:

1. Law,
2. Economics,
3. Demography,
4. Statistics,
5. Theory of the State,
6. History of International Relations,
7. Political and Economic Geography,
8. Economic Policy,
9. International Cultural Relations,
10. International Political Relations,
11. International Economic Relations,
12. International Public Law,
13. Modern Political Systems,
14. International Organizations,
15. European Integration,
16. Polish Foreign Policy,
17. Information Technology,
18. Philosophy,
19. Socjologii,-Sociology,
20. Psychology,
21. Protection of Intellectual Property.

Students can choose  specializations which meet their interests. A given specialization comes into being  if it is chosen by  an adequate number of students (the exact number of students needed to start a specialization is specified by the Rector in his directive).

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