European Policy Statement of Piotrkow Higher School of Business

The strategic objectives of Piotrkow Higher School of Business are its dynamic development and  providing students with the highest quality of education. Thanks to the Socrates Charter the School has an opportunity to participate in the European High Education Area.  The planning  of the strategy and the realization of the objectives within the framework of  the Socrates-Erasmus programme combined with the creative school curriculum, clear and easily accessible syllabuses and  their energetic implementation will for sure contribute to the process of  the School`s internationalization. All the administrative units as well as the teaching staff  will engage in the process of realization of the Socrates-Erasmus programme. Besides further developing of good standards of education, the School will undertake activities on behalf of the town and  region. The School will continue a series of Piotrkow Open Lectures on different social-economic issues concerning the region, Poland, Europe and the world, which started in December 2003. Piotrkow Higher School of Business is in permanent contact with embassies of many countries. The open lectures, mentioned above, are given by famous Polish politicians as well as by ambassadors of different countries.

Piotrkow Higher School of Business pays particular attention to the European Union`s Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013). We know that it is never too late to study so we propagate the idea of  lifelong learning. On the initiative of Piotrkow Higher School of Business the University of the Third Age came into existence in Piotrkow Trybunalski.  It is the first institution of this type in the town. The objective of the University is to provide the elderly with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and interests.

In order to encourage both the students and the teaching staff to participate in the European initiatives, Piotrkow Higher School of Business wants to organise a promotion/information campaign on the Socrates-Erasmus programme. The School is going to use the following tools of promotion:
-multimedia  (placing the information about the Socrates-Erasmus programme on the School`s website)
-direct means of communication (leaflets, brochures, posters)
-printed articles (articles on the  exchange of students  in the College magazine „Do gwiazd”)

In order to introduce all the interested  people to the idea of the Socrates-Erasmus programme and student exchanges the school plans to organise information meetings and regular talks accompanied by computer presentations. Another opportunity to popularise the Programme will be Educational Fairs, European Culture Days and the Day of the School during which meetings with the former exchange students will be held.

Piotrkow Higher School of Business is  a school of equal opportunities .
We guarantee all our students equal access to knowledge and education regardless of their religion, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation. We fight against all the manifestations of prejudice and discrimination. In our school there haven`t been any acts of violence, persecution or harassment. We try hard to ensure appropriate provision for all students with disabilities and other special needs. We provide all
disabled students with the best possible conditions of education. Twenty one disabled students with different levels of disability are educated in our school. We  try to help them by removing as many barriers in their way as possible.
Our main building has a  wheelchair ramp, a specially adapted toilet for the disabled and a lift helping them to get to the first floor.

Piotrkow Higher School of Business tries to ensure its students the best quality of syllabuses. We support innovation. The range of courses and our educational offer is constantly expanded. The number of subjects is increased and shaped in accordance with the development of the particular fields of science. The classes and lectures are conducted by  highly-qualified  and experienced academic teachers. We try to create a European dimension in education through internationalization of our teaching staff-among our teachers there are foreigners with PhD degrees. Our priority is the establishment and development of international cooperation. For this reason  we invite foreign guests to take part in our symposia and scientific conferences.

 We offer  the exchange students comfortable accomodation in a hotel near our school. We will also organise lectures and workshops concerning our Polish culture and history. Polish language classes will help the students to improve their speaking abilities.  Our student government is ready to introduce our foreign guests to student life at Piotrkow Higher School of Business.

ul. Słoneczna 1
97-300 Piotrków
Tel./fax (+48) 645 21 00
            (+48) 645 21 01

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