Erasmus University Charter

         S t a n d a r d U n i v e r s i t y C h a r t e r

The European Commission hereby awards this Charter to:


The Institution has agreed to comply with the following fundamental principles of Erasmus mobility:
• Mobility shall be carried out only within prior inter-institutional agreements;
• No university fees for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities are to be charged to in-coming Erasmus students;
• Full recognition shall be given to students for satisfactorily completed activities specified in the compulsory Learning Agreements.

The Institution has also agreed:
• to ensure the highest quality in the organisation of student and staff mobility;
• to ensure that curriculum information is up to date, easily accessible and transparent and that an academic credit transfer system (ECTS or similar) gives transparency to the procedures;
• to ensure equal academic treatment and services to home and Erasmus students;
• to support the integration of incoming Erasmus students in the Institution’s activities;
• to provide incoming Erasmus students and their home Institutions with transcripts containing full, accurate and timely information at the end of their mobility period abroad;
• to facilitate and acknowledge Erasmus teaching and training activities including those involving enterprises;
• to promote and give visibility to the activities supported by the Erasmus programme;
• to publicise this Charter and the related Erasmus Policy Statement of the Institution;
• to comply with the objectives on non-discrimination set out in the Lifelong Learning Programme;

This Charter entitles the Institution to apply to its National Agency and to the European Commission for a grant support for Erasmus activities.

Violation of this Charter may lead to its withdrawal by the European Commission

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