Educational issues concerning the transformation of higher education systems in Europe have been discussed not only by academic centres but also by  European Ministers of Education. The result is creating the European Space for Higher Education. This objective is to be achieved by 29 countries (including Poland) which signed the Bologna Declaration on 19th June 1999.

One of the most important issues discussed by the signatories of  the Bologna Declaration is recognition and implementation  of ECTS credits. The credits are a reflection of the amount of work demanded in a particular course in relation to the total amount of work needed to complete one full academic year at a given educational institution (lectures, classroom exercises, seminars, internships, study-in the library and at home - as well as exams and other forms of assessments). ECTS is therefore based on a calculation, an entire assessment of student work, and not only on the number of class hours. In order to receive a diploma  students need to collect a particular number of credits-granted even by different universities.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrkow Tryb. has also engaged in working out the standards of ECTS credits. Our students will be able to do part of their studies abroad as well.

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